Sunday, January 23, 2011

Los Angeles: Brunch at Salt's Cure

While some save calories and creativity for dinner, it’s long been established that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is an expression that is more than a nutritionist’s cliche: Breakfast happens when the day just begins, when distractions and frustrations are fewer. Breakfast is the meal that comes after the longest stretch without eating; therefore, providing the greatest comfort and relief.

Some of us go to bed settling ourselves in to dream about what we will have for breakfast the following morning.

If you’re lucky, you may just dream about a place like Salt’s Cure.

Like many of the other places in West Hollywood, Salt’s Cure is a meat market. Literally.

Doubling as a butcher shop and restaurant, SC specializes in both fine cuts of meat and new American cuisine in an environment more becoming of Portland or Seattle.
Streamlined and modern in design and small in size, SC’s open kitchen is lined with bar seating and a compressed series of tables and chair. Elbow room is at a premium, ambience casual and relaxed.


While the menu changes daily, SC’s limited breakfast menu appears to have merely seasonal shifts in fruit and protein acquisitions.

For brunch, SC’s citrus roll is a generous cascading mound of spongy bread, baked with superfluous bits of fruit and glazed in a sharp tasting orange syrup.
A trio of oatmeal griddle cakes are topped with powdered sugar and flanked by a dollop of maple butter. These cakes feel healthful and are served thin and crisped at the edges.


Penchants for protein are satisfied by SC’s comfort combination, the 2X2X2: A platter of two eggs, bacon, and sausage, accompanied by heirloom tomatoes, applesauce and a rustic biscuit.

Over easy eggs are beautifully cooked and coddled to a thick but smaller shape. Sausage patties are also rustically formed into little juicy mounds of well-seasoned beef. SC’s bacon is a thick cut, also toothsomely prepared.


It is understandable that most often, for breakfast, we stay home - bacon and eggs can be easily had there, but a breakfast experience at Salt’s Cure makes dinner worth skipping if you can only eat out once.


Salt’s Cure
7494 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood
(323) 850-7258


  1. Their dinner is pretty phenomenal, too.

  2. I can't wait around to trying dinner. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Looking forward to waking up to SC sometime soon myself.