Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Los Angeles: Rambutan Thai

Thai restaurants are a dime a dozen. Finding a good one can be a challenge of trial and error, as well as word of mouth.
Is it authentic? Or too authentic? Is it frequented by Asians or just everyone else?
Silverlake’s Rambutan Thai is a little bit all of the above. The staff is Thai, the customers mostly Silverlake hipsters, and the food derivative of the classics with a California twist.


Restaurant design is sleek, clean in its modern aesthetics.
Below, orange chopsticks do much to bring out the color in the food. Menu selections, prices, and flavors are just as complementary.


Appetizers include summer rolls (6) - a cluster of bite-sized fresh rolls stuffed with lettuce, mint, and carrots, as well as bits of tofu and cucumber.These crisp rolls are fresh and complemented with the customary peanut dipping sauce.


Rambutan’s Thai chicken salad(10) is a smartly charred chicken breast atop its nest of lettuce and other vegetables. The salad was also crisp and fresh; the chicken just okay.


A fun entree item is Rambutan’s Catfish fufu (14). This dish of fried catfish sits atop of a beautiful mound of slivered granny smith apples. Adorned with cashews, cilantro, and a mildly tangy sauce, this dish feels healthy as it provides a balance flavor of sweetness and savory.


Below: Slivers of green apple make a wonderful salad bed for this catfish dish.


Service is prompt and courteous at Rambutan, but what sets it apart is its healthy and refreshed approach to Thai food. If you’re not a stickler for traditionalist cuisine, it’s worth a try. And there’s the word of mouth.

Rambutan Thai
2835 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 273-8424

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