Thursday, June 23, 2011

Los Angeles: Eva Restaurant

Los Angeles certainly doesn’t have a shortage of innovative eateries - competition keeps the scene edgy, and the offers plentiful.

One such offer is Beverly Hill’s Eva Restaurants deal through TravelZoo: For under $70, Chef Mark Gold served up a five course tasting menu for two. Promptly and plainly put, Eva’s treatment of food reveals Gold’s appreciation for fine ingredients and meticulous consideration.

In general, Eva’s New American offerings are clean and uncomplicated eating, yet delicate in both taste and presentation.


Following the usual bread, plating begins with a wonderful piece of fish flanked by white asparagus and covered in flavored foam. While the dish’s texture comes from the asparagus stalk, the fish is as airy and buttery as its foam.


The menu’s second course is a silky crab cake, gingerly covered in greens.


Then a flower adorned yellowtail sashimi dish with tiny fried vegetables followed as the third course, again reflecting Gold’s clean taste sensibilities.


For non-crudo eaters, Eva considerately adapted the menu with a drizzled dish of more white asparagus, peas and greens. Unexciting really, but thoughtful.


As the savory portion’s final choice, Eva’s tenderloin proved juicy and mildly acidic in its jus. Here, protein is flanked with customary potatoes and other root vegetables.


Closure is provided in the form of a bitter chocolate tart crowned with white raspberries. While a bit on the rich side, the fruit’s acidity provides good balance.


Unlike the chorus of Yelpers who allege poor service to customers carrying Travelzoo deals, Eva’s staff was nothing but authentic, accommodating, and unusually interested in its customers. With only one lapse in timing plating was mostly prompt throughout the courses.


Constantly changing its menu and its specials - getting on their email list alerts you to Fried Chicken Sundays, and other ubiquitous promotions - Eva is smart and only suggestively stuffy. In reality, the staff appears eager to serve food that has little to be ashamed of.


Eva Restaurant
7458 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90036