Monday, September 5, 2011

V-House Vietnamese, La Mesa

V-House Pho and Grill has been in business in La Mesa for over a year. Its initial opening proved a strong menu selection full of good tasting selections: Char-grilled steak and lime salad, along with other soups and dishes, including a flavorful beef stew and French bread dish.
Then V-House shuttered.
After a month long closure, the Vietnamese restaurant redefined itself: it gave up its televisions and premium cable subscriptions, gave in to a more streamlined menu of pho and rice dishes, along with a bahn mi sandwich and boba drinks.
Even at only one third of its culinary offerings, V-House continues to provide delicious tasting, affordable Vietnamese.


The customary appetizer, egg rolls, are no frills but tasty eating. The one complaint you’ll have: Why didn’t I get enough lettuce, along with the mint leaves, to wrap my rolls? The rolls are crunchy and cheap at 6 for $6.


Served with peanut sauce, the fried tofu, is fried just enough to be toothsome, but stays tender ($3).


Here, the bahn-mi sandwich can be had with egg or chicken, beef, or pork, as well as vegetarian, with more fried tofu. What makes the sandwich is the much needed crispy baguette exterior along with its pillow soft filling ($4).


But no Vietnamese joint can truly be judged without a sampling of its pho beef stew. V-House’s broth is adequately aromatic, but not superbly fragrant. In spite of this, the stew still offers a complex flavor profile worthy of unhealthful attempts and devour all of its broth($5). Here’s the rare steak meets the usual criteria of tender slivers of meat cooked right in your bowl. The usual aromatics of basil, bean sprouts and jalapenos are provided (no sawtooth here).


If you live in South or East County, V-House is delightful dining without having to take a trip into Hillcrest or the cluster on Convoy. If you’ve already got a hole in the wall elsewhere, V-House won’t necessarily be its threat, but you’re in the neighborhood, you won’t be left missing much else.


V House Pho & Grill
9200 Fletcher Parkway
La Mesa, CA 91942-3427
(619) 698-8288